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We offer a Wide Range of Legal Services

We provide a wide range of legal services including notary services, estate planning and corporate law. We are open Monday to Friday.

Notary Public Services

We provide Notary Services such as travel consents, letters of invitation, personal guarantees, and more.

Probate Services

Probate is a process where assets are transferred from someone who has died to the beneficiaries in that person’s Will.

Power of Attorney

Essential to anyone considering estate planning and in our view every adult person should have them.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are a first time purchaser or an investor, having an experienced real estate lawyer can make all the difference.

Wills & Estate Planning

Estate Planning is about protecting the interests of your family and others, both in the short term and the future.

Corporate Law

Our Corporate Lawyers are knowledgeable in areas such as incorporating companies, shareholder agreements, and more.

Mortgages & Refinancing

Residential & commercial transactions including residential mortgages, refinancing, and complex commercial mortgages.

Commercial Transactions

We provide commercial transaction services such as business sales, commercial leasing, and industrial leasing.

Our Mission

To provide quality, timely legal services to individuals, businesses, and families in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and at a fair price.


Read our blog for important information on a variety of legal subjects.

Read articles on a variety of legal subjects including estate planning, corporate registry services and shareholder agreements as well as legal issues regarding mortgages, refinancing, and real estate transactions. Click on the button below to read our blog.

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We are located in the Westgate Shopping Centre at 160, 17010 – 90th Avenue NW. Contact us anytime to setup an appointment.

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Our offices are located at 160, 17010 – 90th Avenue NW.  To discuss your specific needs in detail please contact us by telephone at 1.780.483.8998 to set up an appointment.

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